- My Secret for Younger Looking Eyes

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Hi, my name is Nancy Anderson. I'm 47 this year. For as long as I can remember I have had puffy, dark circles under my eyes. As a child people were always asking me if I was tired or sick. As a teenager I became more self-conscious about it and started using a concealer. It didn't really work but it was all I knew about.

I knew the dark circles and puffy eyes affected how people interacted with me. I felt people were noticing my "tired eyes" and not me. I was not comfortable talking with people face to face. I will never forget the day in high school when one of my best friends said I looked like I belonged on the football team because of the black circles under my eyes.  I cried for hours, which only made it worse.

In the last few years I noticed crow's feet showing up around my eyes too. That with my dark circles really got me concerned about my looks.

I Got My Younger Looking Eyes Back!

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Over the years my under eye puffiness and wrinkles have continued to bother me but I didn’t really do anything more about it until recently when my husband, (who is two years older than me) was with me on a business appointment. I was meeting with a new associate. Before I could introduce my husband she innocently said, "Oh, is this your son?"

After a bit of silence and a brief introduction we all kind of laughed about it. But it was NOT funny to me. I was deeply embarrassed, my husband was embarrassed, and so was she. That's when I decided to do something about my dark circles and wrinkles, even if it meant getting surgery. Which I really wanted to avoid.

I think I visited every cosmetic counter in the mall. I read all kinds of reviews online about dark circle creams, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams and I spent a lot of time, as well as a pile of money, trying one thing after another. I tried products from LanCome, Clinique, StriVectin and others. All had very little results.

The Lunch That Changed My Life

I was about to give up and live with my “tired old eyes” and wrinkles when I was having lunch with Jill, a good friend of mine. She is about the same age as me but looks considerably younger. I told her my "son" experience and how embarrassed and frustrated I was about the whole "looking old" thing I have been struggling with. She smiled and told me she had a confession and a secret she wanted to share with me.

A Confession

Jill said she had gone through the same problem as I did growing up with embarrassing dark circles under her eyes and now wrinkles. But a while back she stumbled across a product that really worked on both dark circles and wrinkles. She called it her "Younger Looking Eyes" two stage system.

She uses Hydrolyze. She said it received the "Best Anti-Aging Product Of The Year" Award for 2010 and really reduced the dark circles and wrinkles around her eyes. As soon as she mentioned the name Hydrolyze I remembered seeing it advertised on TV and in several magazines.

She started to explain how and why it really made the difference. I could have cared less about the details. The bottom-line is, her eyes look great and the puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles under her eyes are gone!

The System Is The Key

She explained the reason she felt this works so well, compared to all the other products out there, is because she was using a  two stage system not just a cream or a cover-up. Hydrolyze worked on her  (stage 1) dark circles, dramatically reduced the puffiness and dark color, and (stage 2) smoothed and removed her wrinkles at the same time. The result was almost magical! I could tell it works because she looked great!

I told her I didn’t need all the details just where to buy it. At this point I was ready to pay about anything to get rid of my old, tired looking eyes. I was excited when she said she had saved a lot of money because she only uses one product to take care of both her dark circles and wrinkles. I was also greatly relieved because I knew I didn't need surgery to get rid of the dark circles and wrinkles and I could finally have young looking eyes again.

Jill's Dirty Little Secret

Jill's little secret was she didn’t pay a dime to try Hydrolyze. She saw their commercial on TV last year and ordered free trial sample from their website. She gave me the website. After lunch I immediately went to the website. All I had to do was pay a few dollars for shipping.

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The Rest of The Story

My Hydrolyze order arrived a few days later, shortly before my husband got home from work. I followed the directions on the bottle, just like Jill said to, and about 30 minutes later when I looked in the mirror my jaw dropped. But then I got the biggest smile on my face! I could see a real difference! The skin was firmer and lighter. Much of the puffiness was gone and my eyes looked brighter and alive!  What an amazing transformation. I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home and see if he noticed.

My Husband Instantly Noticed

John got home, walked in and gave me a kiss (as usual) then his jaw dropped. I burst out laughing. He couldn’t believe his eyes. All I want to say is I felt 20 years younger (and so did he that night).

I have been using Hydrolyze now for about seven months. I look and feel younger. Now people notice me and comment all the time on my younger looking eyes. I love it!

It is my hope you will look and feel twenty years younger just like Jill and me. I hope you get the same, or even better results. I promise you that in addition to looking younger, you will feel younger, and people WILL notice.

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Enjoy! I am.


Nancy Anderson

P.S. My husband works long hours and was getting dark circles under his eyes. He asked if he could try my Hydrolyze eye cream. I don't know if he will tell the guys at the office but he now uses it every morning and looks a LOT better. We both couldn't be happier!